Allow Me to enlighten you! Luke 24:13-35

Father and child

Confused and afraid? Unable to find the way? Feeling guilty at times thinking about the should and should nots. Don’t be affraid! In this world, you will have troubles, but take courage, I have overcome this world. You have been made for so much more than what you perceive on your own! My child, you were made in My image, in the image of My father. Take the time to walk, talk, and share your meal table with Me and I will enlighten you!

So you try to follow Me for a time and then fall back on your own ways? It is not different from what my disciples did, even as I was physically present with them. Ahh, The road to Emmaus! Let me tell you of their despair during my physical death on the cross. Let Me share with you how I deal with My children and what you are to expect from Me.

I found them walking sad and confused on that third day after My crucifixion and on the first day of My resurrection. It was late in the afternoon and they were talking about the events that had taken place. Obviously, the time I spent teaching them about the future and how things were going to happen was not enough to allow this truth to sink in.

They were talking as if there was no hope. The women had found the empty tomb already. Some of them had been there as well and had spoken to angels who told them I was alive. I told them so many times I was going to raise up from the dead on the third day. It appeared they had forgotten! Oh such foolishness! Since they thought I was done, I was no longer their Messiah or their savior but a prophet. They were not rejoicing on My resurrection but stuck on the death of my body!

Are you stuck on my dead body or do you rejoice because of My resurrection? I resurrected and conquered death and so have you through Me! Are you loosing hope? The same Spirit that resurrected Me is in You! Rejoice and do not fret! As I resurrected from a dead body so have you from a dead spirit and I am also coming back for you so that you take your given place in the kingdom of Heaven as it was intended to be from the beginning!

My disciples on that day had not believed Me but continued to believe in the lies. They were scared and upset. They were also upset that I claimed not to know what had happened during that week. They said to Me,  “We were hoping that it was He who was going to redeem Israel” (referring to Me) I listened quietly as they vented and eventually, I got frustrated with them and called them foolish.  I reminded them of the scriptures as I am reminding you today.

Did God not tell you in the book of Genesis how I am part of the trinity and Creation was conceived through Me? How you were made in our image? John explains to you later on how in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. I Am the word.

Did God not have a plan for His children beginning in paradise when Adam and Eve felt for the schemes of the evil one? God covered their nakedness and had a plan to get them back to what their lives were meant to be. To live in close proximity with Me. To live in freedom in God’s kingdom.

Did God not give an example of His walk with you through Israel? Israel’s walk in the desert and their entrance into the promised land is the physical example God gave to you as a reference to guide your Spiritual walk in this world and your entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Did God not promise redemption through Abraham and to call His children not because of blood lineage but because of faith as Abraham placed his faith in God by offering his son Isaac in total surrender and trust? Such as I offered My body in total surrender as the lamb that paid for the sins of the World? Israel depended on a Lamb. I am your lamb. I cover your sins when by faith you choose Me. You are called God’s children by faith when you trust in Me.

Did God not sent you prophets throughout the generations to teach you when you would be visited by the Messiah and how and where the Messiah would be born and raised? didn’t they tell you about His ministry on this earth and how He would be rejected and crucified by His own? How He would conquer death and raise to be seated at the right hand of God?

Did God not sent prophets to repeatedly warn you about judgement day and My second coming? Did the prophets not pay a death sentence over this message as I did also to warn you of such end?  The enemy of your soul is set on stealing you if you allow him. The enemy of your soul has his kingdom on this earth for a time and his desire is to keep you and rob you of your freedom.

Did God not warn you about judgement day and the two places that souls will end for eternity? Heaven or hell. Hell is for the devil and his worshippers and you are not meant to end there unless you choose to. As God’s image bearer, you are not a puppet and have free will. Such place belongs to those who ignore God’s laws of protection and His gift of salvation.

As My child, I never get tired of reaching out to you no matter what you do. However, I don’t force Myself on you. As my disciples allowed Me to walk with them, as they invited Me to stay and as they chose to share a meal with Me, I was able to share truth despite the fact that they kept on failing to understand. I was able to open their eyes and they were able to see Me. They were able to see truth and share such truth with others. Would you let me do the same for you today?

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