Battle for Your Soul II Luke 22:47-53

Jesus in the garden

After I had been in the garden for a while, after I received strength from above, after I surrendered completely to the will of My father, then the night began. I was surrounded by Darkness. Ohh!..The pain one feels when betrayed by what you value the most! It was most hurtful knowing that Satan; the destroyer, was behind it all and luring so many of My children. This is why I went to battle. For you! for them!

They came to arrest Me! Blinded by Satan and working under his lying schemes! I had been in public places many times. I had taught in the temple, on their streets, and they now came with clubs and swords as if against a robber? Hatred was on their eyes! Judas came close to Me and revealed My identity with a kiss; As if they did not know who I was?

Judas! Peter! Sam! Justin! Gregory! Robert! Marcia! Andrea! Milagro! Julio! David! Alexis! I knew them all by name! I knew that this was going to happen! Knowing and going through it is different! Oh how I wanted them to see truth! It wasn’t at this moment they would see. I knew that.

I didn’t want any of them to be hurt. I knew this time was given to the enemy. My enemy by his own choosing. The enemy of your soul. I knew that this war was not going to be won by sores and clubs but by the power of God!

I had previously encouraged My disciples to prepare themselves for hardship and protection for themselves. They misunderstood Me and thought they needed to defend Me at this time. Peter drew the sword and struck Malchus. This was not pleasing in My sight. This was not that kind of war; Not a physical war but a Spiritual war!

As such, I used the Spiritual power to heal Malchus and to surrender Myself into their hands. All along I knew what was necessary for Me to do. My Father and I are one and feel and love as one. If I did not want to be in this battle, all I had to do was to call on My Father to send twelve legions of Angels to defend Me but that would not have won your soul, would it? you would have remained in slavery and under the power of Satan.

Satan thought I was to be destroyed and he would conquer you forever. What he did not know was that through his attempt to destroy Me, I would uncover his schemes and demonstrate to you that death of the body is not your end. He would not be able to hold you on the basis of fear of death. No, No my beloved.

He can only hold you on the basis of your unbelief. On the basis of your ignorance, arrogance. Once you understand the plan of Salvation and accept My free gift you are united to My will. You are no longer under his dominion. Your goals are My goals and that is to save many from him. You are now destined to end your journey in eternity with God; with Me!

Scriptures to support this writing are Hebrews 10:39, John 3:16, Ephesians 4:18, Luke 23:34. 1 Timothy 6, John 18: 1-11



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  1. Voy a tratar de traducirlos a el Espanol ya que me quede un poco de tiempo. Dile a Ester o karina que te lo traduzcan mientras tanto 🙂 Gracias por leerlos mi querida hermana!


  2. Al fin pude ingresar pero lastimosamente está en inglés, aquí no puedo traducir, lo que pude leer en la publicación al inicio es excelente, si se pudiera enviarnos en español, gracias que Jesucristo la siga bendiciendo y concediendole sabiduría.


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