The Battle for your Soul. Luke 22:39-46

The battle for your soul

The time was getting closer. I could sense what I was going to go through! Not only was I to go through physical pain, but Spiritual as well. I was here as a man. As you are, Flesh and blood! I spent enough time on this particular garden. The garden of Gethsemane, on the mount of Olives, in the city of Jerusalem.

This is where I fought my battles; On my knees! In communication with My Father! Gathering spiritual strength to fulfill My mission! This night, more than ever, I needed strenght! I suppose the disciples could tell that I was distressed. They followed me to the garden to pray. They too were emotionally drained.

I knew that Judas was going to betray Me and this too was upsetting to them and to Me. I had told them what was going to happen to fulfill the Scriptures. They were not understanding how this prophecy was to take place. I think they were feeling as though I was letting them down. They were confused.

When we arrived at the garden, I instructed them to pray so that they would not fall into temptation. I knew that this was a battle of good and evil. I knew that this battle was to be fought not with the weapons of men but with the weapons of God. I went to my favorite spot which was a stone’s throw away from the disciples and I began to pray.

Oh, Oh.. how hard it was! I wanted to skip this part! I knew that it had to be done this way. I was the lamb that needed to pay for the sins of the world. I needed to set my people free! I needed to set you free! To redeemed their soul; Your soul from the hands of the enemy! God the Father had said there was a price to pay for sins. In the past, Israel had to sacrifice a lamb to be in communion with God.

Do you know that the purpose of it was to tell you a story of what needed to be done for you? God is Holy. God created you for eternity to live with you. Evil entered into the world and its intent is to rob your soul. Satan wants the Glory that only belongs to God and he fought against God because of his arrogance and pride.

He is destined for punishment. Him and his demons, which were some of the Angels in Heaven at one point. They only have a short period of time. This time is not for them; It is for your free choosing. God did not make you like a puppet, otherwise you would not have been made in the image of God. I came to give you a choice to live and live abundantly! To live In the Heaven and Earth God intended from the beginning.

God is Spirit and you are Spirit as well. This is why when you are born into this world, you are a Soul and Spirit born into the flesh. God is Father, son and Spirit. You are Soul, Spirit and Flesh. The flesh decays and dies. Your soul and spirit move on.

You are human. Men. As you come into this earth, you are born a human being borned of the flesh. In order to be completed, you have to be born of the Spirit. That can only be done through Me. When you are born of the Spirit, your life is led by Me. I become your Master and transform you into who you truly are. I prepare you for the eternal life you are meant to live.

Your life changes when you allow Me to make you into the image you were meant to be. Into the being that can live eternally with God. When you are born into the flesh and continue to live solely by it, you are of the flesh and are solely guided by your fleshly human nature.

Why did I encourage My disciples that day to pray? It is because they needed a Heavenly perspective to understand and join Me in My fight for your Soul! This world has been corrupted. It lies constantly because it is under Satan’s dominion. For you to have the right perspective, you must pray and get wisdom, power and strength from above.

That day, As I could see my body and my blood being poured out for you, I was in agony! I was sweating heavy. So heavy that it was like drops of blood. An Angel came and comforted Me! As this happened, I realized that as hard as it was, I wanted more than anything for My Father’s will  to be done.

Why would I want that?  as I was loosing perspective while focusing on my physical pain, while praying, I Received the reinforcement of the perspective of Eternity. I needed to rely on the strength that comes from above. This is why I encouraged my disciples to pray.

This is why I encourage you to pray. I will be there with you. I will give the words you need to speak. I will fight for you. When you are afraid that your body is decaying or is being destroyed, I will give you the strength to move into what is reality. Your eternal reality. A being that do not die. A being that is deemed to live eternally in happiness and in freedom! Pray, so that you depend on Heaven’s perspective and not on this present world’s lies.


Scriptures to back this writing are Revelation 12:7-12, 2nd Chronicles 20:15, John 3:4-8, Leviticus 17:11, Deutoronomy 6:5, Mathew 28:19, John 16:24, Hebrews 10:36, Matthew 10:19