Yes, Christ Divides. Luke:12:49-59


In a world that is full of division, I wish I could make it stop and change it!  I wish we could all come to see each other’s terms through the mirror of understanding. That instead of attacking each other as enemies, we would have conversations that would unite us and replace the hateful attacks that further divide us. We have to remember that each one of us can only make decisions based on our difference in background, culture, educational level and the life experiences we have had.

Today more than any other day, I wish that I could say Jesus promised peace in our scripture reading! I wish He said that He came to unite us! He did not say such thing. He said on verse 51. Do you suppose that I came to grant peace on earth? I tell you no, but rather division. Our reading is from Luke 12:49-59

Jesus started the scripture by saying that there was a fire to be lit, the start of a new movement! The movement of truth and love! The start of a new era where sin was paid for and where  we were no longer dependent on the law for he had come to complete it! This fire was not going to be kindled until His baptism through His death and resurrection. He could foretell the upcoming pain He had to endure and hurt intensely at the though of it! He said I have to do this! It has to be accomplished!

He also said: Do you really think that this is it? You expected me to bring peace to earth but I tell you what, that is not the case! Not everyone is going to see truth or choose truth. The world is going to be divided because of Me. Fathers against sons and sons against fathers. Mothers against daughters and daughters against mothers. In other words people against people. religions against religions and Christians against Christians.

When you see clouds rising in the west, you know the rain is coming and it turns out that way and when you see the south wind blowing, you say  “it is going to be a hot day.” For you have learned to recognize the weather signs. You hypocrites! You can determine the impending weather signs why don’t you analyze what is happening now?

Why can’t you tell what is right and what is wrong and learn this on your own initiative? while you are with your opponent, those that have different ideas, try to understand them and make peace with them, so that they may not drag you before the judge and the judge turn you over to the officer and the officer throw you into prison. You might have a better chance by reaching out through peace.

Once you are there on your own terms and have not made terms with others or Me, you will not get out until you have paid the very last cent! This passage is not kind! Jesus’s warnings are not politically correct so I will not coat them and make them pleasant. Let the one who has an ear for understanding and the one who wishes to have understanding hear what the Scripture tell us today.