Stand Guard! Luke 12:35-48


Two thousand years ago He said, be dress in readiness and keep your lamps lit!  He  also said that it might be during the second or third watch! We don’t know which watch we are in. It could be the first, and I doubt it, most likely it could be the third. He commanded us to be ready! He did not specify a time frame for He said only God the Father knew, but He said then, be ready now and stand guard for I am coming back!

This man who still moves the hearts of people, who even when you deny Him still causes you to have feelings of fear, anger, frustration, anxiety because you don’t understand Him or those of us who claim He has changed our lives two thousand years later! This man said be ready because something big is going to happen!

He is present in this world now through the Holy Spirit but then, He will be present in all aspects of His essence. Later in the book of Luke, He spoke about what that day would look like! He said no one will miss where He will be when He comes back, for He will be like lighting! We will all know! When that day comes, He said the choices will be done.

When a territory has a history of certain natural disasters, and an expert on the field warns people that another episode is coming, it does them good to prepare! For they can perish along with their families if they don’t. Prior to Jesus coming, there were many Prophets in the old testament that spoke about Him and about the end times. Jesus came and also spoke about the end times. All is written in the bible and it’s culmination is in the book of Revelation. Perhaps you should not wait any longer. God is calling on you to search, listen, prepare and obey to stand in action!.

He is coming back and He wants to take you home! He does not want you to perish but wants you in His family! He wants to gather you and place you where you and I belong. Where there is no more brokenness, no more cancer and pain, no hatred, do division of color, gender or race for He made us all in His image and we will see each other as such!, no disabilities, no hunger or thirst, no darkness for the bible says that God will be our light!

In our Scripture today on Luke 12:35-48 Jesus is telling us to be on guard so that we are not caught by surprise! He is promising to treat those Servants who are guarding His goods with a special treatment! He said, I will be so pleased with you, that I will serve you! He also said, I will be so please with you, that I will put you in charge of my possessions!

Peter asked if this warning was just for the apostles or for everyone else? He did not differentiate! A servant is the one that loves Jesus and has a relationship with Him and the Father through Him. A servant is the one whose master is Jesus and therefore nothing He or she does is without His approval. He said, that faithful servant promptly on guard, I will give the rations needed at the proper times to give to my people.

That servant will be blessed! but the servant (Christian) that thinks I will be taking too long and does not need to be concerned or ready, and instead, beats men and woman, Is self-indulgent and becomes drunk. In other words, is misleading and taking it easy on God’s affairs. He will get the surprise of his life, for I will come back when he least expects it and he will be severely punished and I will assign him a place with the unbelievers.

That Servant (Christian) who knew Me and knew what I said and did not do as I commanded, will be more severely punished than the one who did not know me or My words and committed erroneous things worthy of a bigger punishment. Verse 48. For everyone who has been given much, much will be required: and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.

There you have it my friends! There is not time to ignore where you stand! Do you believe in Christ? Act upon it! Stand up and do what He is asking you to do! As you develop that relationship with Him you will know! You say you don’t believe? Make sure that is where you stand! Search, read, pray even if you don’t believe in prayer. Try it! do not stand passive about your future and the future of those you love for you might be a key or a vessel of hope for them.

I pray that you find truth and hope, for you are His, but have free will to choose or reject. As a child has a choice to say:  ” forget my parents, I am going my own way” so have you! May The Lord guide you and yours to find His promises, which belong to you! For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have eternal life!