To Infinity and beyond! (Luke 9:28-36)

divine-486226_960_720The Master took us again to one of his prayer retreats. It seemed as though He was trying to teach us how to pray. This time, He took us to a mountain and as usual, He prayed for a long time. His prayers resembled more of a conversation as if He was physically speaking to the Father! We tried to pray with Him, we really did, but we were overcome by sleep. When we woke up, we saw the most amazing vision we had ever seen!  These thoughts come from Luke 9:28-36

The Master was radiant, His clothes were pure white and He was not alone but was speaking to Moses and Elijah. How we know who they were was revealed to us. They were talking about the things that the Master had been mentioning to us  and making plans for them. How He had to die and rise again. These  were things we did not comprehend.

As we tried to make sense of what was happening, we felt ackward but blessed to be part of this experience. Peter spoke to The Master and offered to make three tabernacles, one for each one of them. The meaning of this place was Holly to us now and we needed to Honor such visit. Neither one of them responded when Peter spoke but for some reason a cloud covered us and we heard a voice from the Father that said  “this is my Son, my chosen one. Listen to Him!” And as this happened and we were scared, The two men disappeared and the Master was alone. We kept these things quiet for we did not understand them.

What  an amazing experience for these three apostles! Peter, James and John! I want to understand what  Jesus was trying to teach them here. What was He teaching us? What I can see is a revelation of who Jesus is but also His communication to us of where His strength came from. He often did what we should do. Take it up to the Father in prayer. He trully showed us the power of Prayer! Moses and Elijah were there but so was the Father. Jesus was getting His Armor , His shield, His helmet and His breastplate! He was there to be encouraged, strengthened and empowered!

Why Moses and Elijah? My bible comentary explains how both of these Characters are a  representacion of the message for the plan of Salvation. Jesus often spoke about the Law and the Prophets. Moses represents the Law and Elijah the Prophets. The law showed us how on our own it is impossible to be saved for we are not able to keep it to the letter as required. The prophets came to tell us God’s plan, His Messiah’s purpose and how to recognize Him and Jesus is the fulfillment of that plan.

Perphaps what our Father told the apostles  as He took them away from the scene and grabbed their full attencion in that cloud is the main theme of this passage.”Listen to Him” and to us today? “Listen to Him” He is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6)

Listen to Him, walk in His path and do as He commands you to do! Know  where your strenght comes from and tap into it as He showed you how to! The Lord says pray! PRAY!