Adam, where are you?

Prior to the fall and disobedience, Adam enjoyed being in the garden, in the very presence of God. Adam’s whole identity was derived from God. Since no sin had entered the garden before, I have to believe that he lived in freedom and enjoyed love peace, joy, and all the things that makes us happy. I can imagine that he felt light as a feather and did not know or understand this state of ecstasy as he had nothing else to compare to.

So why the fall? What can Adam teach me about my humanity? Two questions come to mind. Number one: Was it already known by God that this would happen? And number two: Was Adam set up to go through this?

Through my limited understanding of the Scriptures, I would say that to the first question the answer would be yes. God knew it would happen. God is all knowing (Psalm 139:14) and because of that, there was a plan in place. John 1:1-2 “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. He was in the beginning with God” This is Jesus of whom John is talking about. Jesus was the plan from the beginning.

To the second question one might say that since it was known, why did God allowed Adam to go through this? In the scriptures it says that to God 1,000 years is equal to 1 day for us (2Peter 3:8). Say What? So, following that perspective, does it matter if in the process He creates a community of people that have His attributes and with whom He can commute?

God is relational, loving, Merciful and He wants us and created us(all) for His own. We are beings created with free will because God also has free will! We will never be like God but as His children through Christ’s gift of salvation, we are developing His attributes and we commute with Him. Someday, we will be perfected like Christ is Perfect! (Philippians 3:12)

Adam fell for the schemes of Satan. Satan is a created being who wishes to be God (Isaiah 14:12) Jesus is the begotten son of God; The resurrected King who has shown us what it means to be redeemed, sanctified and glorified. It is through His gift that those who accept it become sons and daughters of God! It is through Jesus that we experience a rebirth. Natural man receiving the Spirit of God and that Spirit starts a new process in us.

When God asked Adam in Genesis 3:9 “Adam, where are you? God was not confused. God knew exactly where Adam was. Adam was lost in the lies. He now had realized he was naked and he was ashamed. He had lost his peace and had broken that precious pure community with God and his wife Eve. He took the identity of the flesh and found someone to blame for his shame; Eve, another human being.

When we receive the Spirit of God through Jesus, we can begin to experience the fulness of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Until Jesus comes back again, this being God is working on will not be complete but in the meantime, He is asking you and me. Adam Where are you? Have you believed any lies?