Where do I go after death? Luke 20:27-47

life and death

Do you ever question what happens after we pass through this life? Sure you do! We all do. Some say we reincarnate and may come back in a different life form, depending on the kind of life we lived. Yikes, I would hate to think which form I would have to take. I feel I am not that sociable, I struggle with rejection and sometimes; I have to be real,  I don’t like people. Especially those that are clicky and not accepting of others. Jesus is working on me.

Perhaps I would come back as a bear? either a lovable bear or one who would attack people? Don’t go away yet, enough of that silly talk! The question I would ask about this theory is who chooses what life you deserve? If you ask me, and since this is my blog, I am going to say that you do, I have made up my mind as to who I am going to believe when it comes to life after death. Jesus! After all, He is the ONLY ONE who went through it and rose from it. I think He has the answers don’t you?

During Jesus’s time, one of the main religious groups were the Sadducees. They did not believe in the resurrection of the dead. The other group called the pharisees did. The Pharisees were present at this time but too tired to find anything to attack Jesus.

One day the Sadducees came to Him and asked about the law that was given through Moses to the Israelites. In the law, It is commanded that if a woman marries a man and he dies, the brother has to marry her so that he would reinstate or recover his name through bearing children. A story that denotes this command is the story of Ruth, found in the book of the Bible that bears her name.

The question I have is did God do this to protect the man’s widow? God did so many things like this in the law. I don’t claim to know the answers but I find that most of the law was given for their/our protection. God is so Loving! It was also given to allow us to see that as humans, we are incapable of fulfilling the law to the letter and therefore we needed a Savior. 

We needed “The sacrificial lamb to atone for our sins” just as the Israelites had to sacrifice when unable to keep the law. Let’s go back to the question the Sadducees had for Jesus: They said. A man died and had six brothers. Prior to dying he had married a woman and after he died each of the other brothers ended up marrying her because they all died after the marriage. None had children with her. She also died. If the resurrection is true, who would she be married to when that time comes?

Jesus said to them: (my interpretation)  Marriage is an institution given to Adam’s generation and therefore it ends here. If you attain salvation through Me by accepting My free gift and are resurrected like I will, this institution will no longer exist. It will not be needed anymore. This is a sacred union created by God for the purpose of pointing others to Him just as creation is. Once living eternally with Him, it will no longer be needed and no longer desired.

Life is going to be so far above your expectations and level of comprehension. You will never die anymore and will be like the angels. More than that you will be God’s sons and daughters. Remember when Moses came across the burning bush? Exodus 3:6. where It is said that God is The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?  According to your records, they were dead but I am telling you they all live, God is not the God of the dead but of the living.

All those who live for God will live eternally with Him. Let me give you another example: Some say that The Christ, “Me” is David’s son. Remember David’s prophecy in Psalm 110? David said: The Lord said to my Lord: (God the father to Me; God the son) Sit at My right hand, until I make Your enemies a footstool for your feet.

In this scripture, David calls Me Lord. How can I then be his son? Earthly times, episodes and events are not in accordance to heaven’s. By the way, be careful with being mislead by those who live only for themselves such as the Scribes. They love respectful greetings, chief seats in the churches, and places of honor. They take advantage of the poor and weak and appear righteous and holy.  They are misleading you. I am meek and humble. They do not bear my image. Believe Me, they will receive greater condemnation.

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  1. Good blog keep writing !!
    I hope to some day writ as well , these ar difficult passages , add to it predestination
    He loved us first gave His son ,who was willing Jesus knew the cost .
    Grateful .


    1. Thanks for reading. I hope you start writing as well. Good luck to you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. It is all about getting to know Him more because as you said, He first loved us!


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