Am I to live with God? Luke 20:9-18


Friends, I have to be truthful. This passage is hard! As I am writing about it, all I can tell you is that I am depending solely on The Lord to instruct me on how to write it. I can tell you for sure that this is truly the way it works out all the time. All I write about the Scriptures is not because I am wise. It is because He gives me understanding.

Once upon a time, God created a world with people who bore His image. He placed a chosen group to nurture such world and to lead it in their understanding of who God is because that is the only way the people could be preserved and grow up into who God intended them to be. Beings that could be able to live in the same place as Himself. The people that could inherit a Kingdom designed for them. God wanted to enjoy living with such people.

The chosen leading group, misunderstood or ignored God’s instructions and followed a different path. They mislead the people and when God wanted some of the produce in the form of worship and praise for Himself; which is what would denote that they were walking in the right path, He sent prophets to encourage it, to instruct it, to reveal it. Every time a prophet would come and try to lead the people in God’s ways, which is the way to freedom, they were mistreated, beaten and killed.

Because God loved the people so much, He did not want to lose them. He decided that if He sent His son, perhaps they would listen to Him and would respect Him. Those that had been chosen to lead the people, were arrogant and in desire of power. They had been influenced by the enemy; The one whose identity is deceit and pride.

God had warned His chosen leading people about the arrival of the son through the prophets so it is not as if they were not warned. They chose to ignore it. They believed that such Kingdom was for themselves only and in their erroneous thinking, they rejected and killed the son. They figured that if He was dead, they would inherit it all. Yes, they saw all the signs He had performed but chose to ignore and rather decided to destroy Him.

The son had come to rescue the inheritance. He had come to save what belonged to the Father but all along, It was known that He was going to pay a price. The death penalty. such as the penalty that the sacrificial animals had paid for the sins of the people. All these were signs for what was to be.

One of the prophets had said on Psalm 118:22 that the stone which the builders were to reject, was to become the key cornerstone. He was referring to Jesus, the Son of God. He was to be such stone. He was to be the main foundation for God’s kingdom. He was killed but resurrected on the third day and became the key cornerstone.

The chief builders, or the chosen leading group, rejected Jesus. The Key stone and the Kingdom’s foundation. From then on, those who fall on that stone (Jesus) are to become the true heirs of the kingdom. According to this scripture, Jesus said that there was two kinds of people.  Those who fall on the stone and those who are crushed by the stone.

God’s plan is to give the Kingdom of Heaven; where we, eternal beings as we have been created, will live with Him forever. The kingdom is to be given to those who fall on the stone and are broken to pieces. As painful as this sounds, it is a necessary process to be transformed into a new creature. A kind of people who could become compatible with living in the kingdom, a people for God!