What do you want from Me? Luke 18:35-43


My name is Bartimeus. I was a blind man who lost his eyesight later in life. Not being born blind made it hard to learn to cope and live with such disability. I used to be able to depend on my own but when I lost my vision, I was left with no other choices but to beg in order to survive. I sat on the streets and asked for the mercy of those that would have it for me.

Giving up was never a choice and that is why when I was unable to depend on my own due to lack of work, I had to humble myself and ask for help. It wasn’t always easy. Some people treated me as the scum of the world. Others treated me with arrogance and donated as an act of self-glorification. Yet, others treated me with compassion and love.

Every day was an adventure to see what kind of treatment I would get. This particular day was no different. I have believed in God from my youth which helped me cope with my disability and stay away from lawless means of providing for myself. Believe me, the temptation was there! I felt this was in God’s hands and that He would provide through others and accomplish His will in me and through me. After all, we are not here for ourselves.

You might be thinking that if it was you, you would never beg! I assure you that your thinking is erroneous and full of arrogance. You might also be thinking that I did not try enough to depend on my own. Why do you judge me? I have only one judge and He knows. I know I will respond for my actions and so will you. Thanks be to God that He is the perfect judge. Please do not attempt to sit on His throne.

I had heard of a man who was considered by some to be the Messiah, The Holly one of God. I believed him to be “The one” myself. Prior to my blindness I had read and studied the Scriptures. I had heard of Jesus and done my research. He had to be The Messiah! This man was a descendant of the patriarch David and fulfilled the Scriptures to the letter! He had to be the one the prophets of old told us that was to come.

As I was sitting on the sidewalk, I could hear the commotion. I could not see but I could hear, sense. I asked what was going on and they told me that Jesus was passing by. What was a blind man to do when unable to run to the ruler of the world? To the one that could give my eyesight back!  Call him for help you said? That is exactly what I did!

They; The leaders in charge of keeping order in the crowd, where telling me to stop. They were trying to stop me for they thought I was being disruptive! I wasn’t going to shut up! I was going to used my God-given resources to let The Lord know I was here and that I needed his help! Isn’t this what we are to do in prayer? Keep asking?, Knocking on the door? This seemed no different to me.

I yelled to the top of my lungs “Son of David, have mercy on me! Suddenly, He heard me!, He heard me and commanded those who were trying to shut me up to bring me close to Him! Then He asked me: “What do you want Me to do for you?” I said: “Lord, I want to regain my sight!” I knew, Oh I knew that He could give it to me!

The Lord said to me: ” receive your sight; your faith has made you well.” I immediately received my sight and was able to see My Lord! I followed Him and praised Him and continue to praise Him to this day!

Many others in the crowd believed in the Lord that day! It occurred to me that my blindness had served one of the purposes I was placed on this Earth for! That day, I praised God for my blindness for through it, many were able to receive their Spiritual eyesight and obtain Eternal Salvation!