Demons! Be gone! Luke 11:14-28

Just don’t want this one to pass unread.

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I know, I chose a grotesque picture for this blog. It is not pleasant to look and it is not pleasant to think about it. Imagine if that is the kind of creatures we were seeing on the streets. Would you dare to go out there? Yet, the face of evil is not pretty. Someone might look beautiful on the outside but this is the way they look in the inside.

You think I am nuts?, My husband would agree with you but, I am listening to the Master, and we are dining with him, remember?. We are also studying His words very closely.  He has a lot to say about this truth; about these creatures. He came to pay the price to rescue us from this enemy and to free us so that we would not look like this in the inside. He gave us life! When we encounter…

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