Who do you say I am? (Luke 9:18-21)


“And it happened that while He was praying alone”. I wonder what He was praying about? could it have been something like: “Father, help me reveal myself to them that they may see that You and I are one. That they may see that you sent me to give them life, hope and to free them from their transgressions. I don’t want any of them to perish. you know I love them as you love them. Please help me accomplish your will. Help me reach this people you have given me for the time is short. Help those that are my disciples really know me and carry our work?” No, it does not say in the bible what He was praying about but the question that came after, kind of reveals what was in His mind. don’t you think?  These thoughts come from the reading of Luke 9:18-21

“After He was praying alone”, interesting, because the disciples were with Him but He was praying alone. Was it because He wanted to pray alone or was it that the disciples had not learned this discipline yet? for we know that later on when Jesus was getting ready for the hour that He was going to be taken captive in the Garden of Gethsemane, He asked the disciples to stay awake with Him and pray but they could not for they fell asleep.

The question that came out of Jesus’s mouth after He was praying was: who do the people say that I am? I imagine He was wondering if they were really getting it or getting confused?. The disciples told him that the people were all saying He was Elijah, John the Baptist or one of the Prophets of old. He got it. He understood that not everything about him had been revealed yet for He knew that His death and resurrection was still to come and He couldn’t fully reveal himself to the people yet.

He asked the disciples, “But who do you say that I am?”. Peter answered and said: The Christ of God” Peter knew with certainty who Jesus is. If Jesus was to ask Us now I think it would go this way: “Certainly you have heard about me and that I came for you and took the penalty for your sins. I died on the cross but resurrected on the third day and I went back to prepare a place for you. This truth has not been erased from your view and will never be. Not because it has not been tried but because I am and will always be. I know in your timeline, it has been a long time since I came to you in a physical form but have you heard? I am still among you in a Spiritual form. I sent you the Holy Spirit. The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit; We are one. I am among you. If you pay attention, I am presently walking with my people. Those who seek me and are my disciples. Are you one of them? I want you to be for I love you! Who do you say that I am?”

Think about this carefully. Who do you say that He is? A good man who lived a long, long time ago?, A prophet? A baby whose birthday you celebrate during the Christmas Season and who makes your heart bubble only during those festive days? A man who died on a Cross, which symbol you wear around your neck in the form of a crucifix and you cry for Him over Easter week but once it is passed, you part ways from Him?, a myth and you are too smart to believe in fairy tales?, a banker or provider who you come to for withdrawals when you need Him? Or do you say He is The Christ, The Son of the Living God, your Savior, Your Redeemer, your Master and your Lord?

When it comes to answering that question, we can’t go half way. It is either We believe He is The Christ, The Son of the Living God, your redeemer and your Master or we don’t. If you are not sure how to answer this question, I encourage you to seek for answers. What do you have to loose? On the other hand we are eternal and where you spend the rest of your time depends on you.